Kiosk mode on Windows 10 Pro

If you want to allow kiosk mode on Windows 10, you will face next issues:

  1. Microsoft Edge is not working in Kiosk mode. You will be able to log in but EDGE will not allow you to type any webpage

    Set-AssignedAccess -AppName Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge -UserName testuser

  2. IE is not available on Windows 10 due it’s not Store App.

You will ask what should I do. We have the solution:

  1. LogIn to your machine as admin [admin should be able to login to Microsoft Store]
  2. Find next application: Kiosk SP Browser
  3. Install
  4. Create user ID in Windows which will be able to LogIn to machine (this can be standard user) we create: testuser
  5. Login to testuser and install Kiosk SP Browser, you will be able to login to store with your personal Microsoft account.
  6. After the first run under testuser, you need to do next:

a. Click on Gear icon

b. Type home URL

c. Validate Home URL

d. Set all setting which you want (FYI: Timeout is not clearing cache and sessions if you log into Office365 and Timeout elapsed, next time you will be auto log in)

e. Save setting.

7. Logout from testuser.

8. Login to your admin user.

9. Run PowerShell ISE under administrator.

10. Run

Get-AppxPackage | ft name

11. You will get list of apps, last installed will be your Kiosk App:



12. Next command:

Set-AssignedAccess -AppName 48371ShawnParker.KIOSKSPBrowser -UserName testuser

13. Log in to testuser and test

If you need to reset settings of AssignedAccess or SingleApp mode run next:


Thanks Andryi Svintsitsky for help.


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