Review AD for active computers

Sometimes you need to generate a quick report from your Active Directory about active computers in your network. In case if you miss article in Google, below is listing from Original post

Just save it to filename.ps1 and enjoy.

# Name : ListActiveComputers.ps1
# Purpose: Get active computer accounts from active directory by 
# checking the last logon date. Get the properties of computer
# account (name,OS,OSverion,lastlogondate and CanonicalName)
# and save it to ActiveComputers.csv file.
# Written by Anand Venkatachalapathy
# Date written: 03/28/2012

Import-Module ActiveDirectory

# get today's date
$today = Get-Date

#Get today - 60 days (2 month old)
$cutoffdate = $today.AddDays(-60)

#Get the computer accounts filtered by lastlogondate.
# Select only required properties of the computer account
# and export it to a file
Get-ADComputer  -Properties * -Filter {LastLogonDate -gt $cutoffdate} `
| Select Name,OperatingSystem,OperatingSystemVersion, `
LastLogonDate,CanonicalName | Export-Csv ./ActiveComputers.csv

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