Downgrade process Windows 2012 to 2008

“The downgrade process

Follow these steps to downgrade to a previous version of Windows or Windows
Server software:


  1. Obtain genuine Windows media and a corresponding product key for the version
    of Windows that is eligible for downgrade.

    • The media should come from a prior legally licensed version from the OEM or
      Retail channels.
    • End users who are licensed separately through Microsoft Volume Licensing
      (VL) may provide their VL media and key to a system builder to facilitate the
      downgrade on their own systems.
  2. Insert the downgrade-eligible version of Windows media in the CD drive and
    follow the installation instructions.
  3. Type the product key.
    • If the software was previously activated, you will not be able to activate
      it online. In this case, the appropriate local Activation Support phone number
      will be displayed. Call the number and explain the circumstances. When it is
      determined that the end user has an eligible Windows license, the customer
      service representative will provide a single-use activation code to activate the software. Please note that Microsoft does not provide a full product key in this scenario.
  4. Activate the software.”



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