ESXi 5.0 backup and restoration

SO, today we will have additional post about backups.

Main goal: backup ESXi infrastructure of servers.

What we need:

  1. ESXi
  2. Left and Right hands.
  3. Google, this article.


  1. Open SSH on your ESXi to access to it
  2. Open putty
  3. Login to server with it, using SSH
  4. We need to do backup of server
    1. vim-cmd hostsvc/firmware/backup_config
    2. it will same your backup to http://*/downloads/configBundle-localhost.doamin.tgz with simple it’s located in /scratch/downloads
    3. Now we need to move file to /tmp with renaming it to configBundle.tgz
      1. mv /scratch/downloads/configBundle-localhost.doamin.tgz /tmp/configBundle.tgz

How to restore:

First of all you need to remember (if your server failed and you rebuild totally new infrastructure ) you must have same version of EXSi installed to rebuild. If you have situation that someone delete server from Inventory, just pause all servers and run maintenance mode:

  1.  Switch to maintenance mode vim-cmd hostsvc/maintenance_mode_enter
  2. Restore vim-cmd hostsvc/firmware/restore_config /tmp/configBundle.tgz

After that server will go to reboot, don’t panic, everything is fine. Depends on number of hosts it will take some time.


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Cofounder Kresalo., sysadmin, architect of IT infrastructures
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